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Episode 5 – Audio Feedback – Philip Brabazon

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Episode 5 – Audio Feedback – Philip Brabazon

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  1. Valerie Carmel Hogan

    I find it hard to understand because of background noise , it all seems a bit chaotic between background people speaking and then the mix of the speaker. The speakers voice seems a little far away from the recording devices, seems like its just a little too far away. Maybe if the speaker spoke in to a head set microphone and record when there are not others in the background way too distracting to concentrate on the speaker. Which is a real shame because the speaker, when I can follow him seems interesting.

    • Tom Langston

      Thanks for the feedback.

      It was recorded on a portable device in a coffee shop (as we mention). I tried to tidy it up a bit but appreciate there was only so much I could do.

      I will try to re-interview Philip in a better environment so you can hear him more clearly.

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