Over the past academic year members of TEL have been talking to people across the University about what Moodle should look like and what it should do.

We’ve conducted focus groups and had meetings with students, academics, support staff, “powers users”, IS, Marketing and Department of Student and Academic Administration (DSAA). This has allowed us to produce a requirements list of what Moodle users need in terms of the interface.

Drum roll please… we’re very pleased to announce that early adopters can now switch to the new theme for their Moodle units. This will enable academics and Online Course Developers to start developing content in time for September. Units will be automatically switched to the new theme when they are rolled over this summer.

(click image to enlarge)

To switch to the new theme manually press Course administration > Editing Settings > Appearance > UoP Boost

You can also view a demo course featuring the new theme by visiting this link.

We’d very much welcome your feedback on the new theme. Please complete this form if you have any ideas for us.