What is Smiling Mind?

Today’s app is Smiling Mind, a free mindfulness app for iOS, Android and the web, created by a not-for-profit organisation of the same name based in Australia.

Mindfulness centres around taking time out of your day to become aware of what is happening at that moment. When you practice mindfulness you focus on what you are feeling and thinking right now. It’s an experience many people find therapeutic and relaxing.

What does the app look like and how do I use it?

Once you’ve signed up, Smiling Mind takes you through an ‘introduction to mindfulness’ which gives you a taster of some of the exercises you can expect on the full programs. It’s worth noting here that the programs are all free of charge (unlike similar apps which follow a ‘freemium’ model, allowing you to download the app itself free of charge but then asking for payment for the particular features or programs you’d like to take).

Smiling Mind offers programs for all ages, from children as young as seven all the way up to adult. What seems to work well in this app is how the courses are tailored for specific age ranges, and so can address issues that people in particular age groups may need to address – meeting new friends, dealing with change, and so on.

There are also programs available for “Sport” and “the Workplace”. These are specifically designed to help you deal with the stresses and strains of those two particular environments.
The app asks you to rate your mood (pictured here on the right) based on a set of criteria. Doing this provides you with a record of how your mood varies from day to day, and helps you to assess whether working on your mindfulness is improving how you feel.

How could this app help me?

Mindfulness is something that many people don’t consider to be important, but research shows that it can help us stay calm and relaxed during our day. The app is free, so why not check it out and see if mindfulness can help you?

Ideas for using the app

  • Use the app a few times a week to help focus your attention on what’s happening around you.
  • Students could use the app to help relax before exams or other stressful work.

If you would like to find out more about mindfulness and other associated mental health topics, you can contact the Student Wellbeing Service on MyPort, who offer help and assistance to those who might want to talk to someone about a specific issue.