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Day 8:

What is is a website designed to help you gain new skills in a variety of different subjects. As well as supporting your own learning it is possible to share courses, create playlists, embed courses into Moodle, all making it easy to support the learning of students and staff. All staff and students at the University of Portsmouth, have unlimited access to which contains a library of high-quality instructional videos covering a vast range of skills.

What does look like and how do I use it? homepage imageWith more than 5,000 courses taught by industry experts – and more added every week – is designed for all levels of learners, and it’s available whenever you’re ready to learn. You can access from, directly from or you can view courses on your mobile device by downloading the app.

Searching for a course in is as easy as using the search bar to find a specific course, or you can browse through categories if you aren’t looking for a course on a specific topic. You can then watch the lesson that you’re after.

As mentioned above, a app for iOS and Android is also available, and this enables you to learn on the go, it’s perfect for using that train journey to learn something new, or even refresh a topic you’ve learnt in the past.

Across the University, students and staff have accessed and viewed nearly 2000 hours of learning so far. Content from has been embedded into Moodle as part of provision by the Graduate School, it has also been used in the Enterprise toolkit. Many students are using to support their studies, for example the top course in Creative and Cultural Industries is for 3DS Max, animation software directly relevant to some of the courses. In Science statistics tools such as SPSS are popular, while general skills such as Excel and Time Management are popular overall.

How could help me?

You can use to access learning at anytime on any device to support your learning, professional development or teaching. It is possible to share courses, create playlists, embed courses into Moodle, all making it easy to support the learning of students and staff.

With you’ll get:

  • Unlimited access – Choose from more than 5,000 video tutorials covering business, creative and technology topics.
  • Relevant recommendations – Explore the most in-demand skills based on your interests.
  • Expert instructors – Learn from industry leaders, all in one place.
  • Convenient learning – Access courses on your schedule, from any desktop or mobile device.
  • Helpful resources – Reinforce new knowledge with quizzes, exercise files and coding practice windows.
  • Relevant content – Map content to support the learning of your students and staff.
  • Link certificates of completion to online profiles like LinkedIn.

To find out more and log into, visit

Please also join our Google Community, keep up to date, get ideas and it would be great to share how you’ve used in your own learning and to support others

Check out ‘ – Online training for everyone‘ written by our very own guru – Adrian Sharkey.

Skills4StudyCampus – online study skills support

Many students who arrive at the University often fall short of the necessary study skills required for them to achieve their academic goals. With the support of the Academic Skills Unit (ASK) students are able to enhance their skills by attending workshops and one-to-one sessions, as well as receive paper handouts. However, the University have also invested in a licence for the Palgrave MacMillan resource Skills4StudyCampus which is available to our students online.

Skills4StudyCampus is an interactive online tool that allows students to prepare for studying at university level and to help them develop their study skills. There are 6 modules: Getting ready for academic study; Reading and note-taking; Critical thinking skills; Writing skills; Exam skills; and Time management.

Skills4StudyCampus Moodle site ‘Skills4Study@Portsmouth’

Students can access this resource by logging into Moodle and selecting the site Skills4Study@Portsmouth from the ‘Useful Sites’ drop-down menu.

Students are then free to actively participate in activities as and when they need to. The modules include: diagnostic tests to help students recognise areas in which they need to improve their skills; self assessment tasks to help them gain a deeper understanding of their knowledge and skills; interactive activities to help reinforce the skills and knowledge they have learnt; and module assessments to test understanding of what has been learnt. Students can also use the My Journal feature which allows them to make notes and reflect on their learning.

The modules have been designed to suit different types of learners and has been created to support students with accessibility issues.

Embed Skills4StudyCampus into your Moodle course units
Skills4StudyCampus modules / sections can now be easily embedded directly into a Moodle course unit using the External tool activity.

To find out more on how to embed sections of this resource into your Moodle course unit, log into Moodle and select ‘Staff Help Site’ from the ‘Help Sites’ drop-down menu. You will then find a section that will provide you with guidance along with the generated embedding links.

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