Welcome to the 12 Apps of Christmas! We’re back for 2017, now as part of the Teltales blog. Based on the successful original run by Regents University London, from 9am on each of the first 12 working days of December, we will showcase a different app in a post on the blog. Each app we discuss is chosen as it provides some benefit for learning, teaching, productivity or wellbeing. Perhaps you might find a new app you’d like to try!

Zombie run tile
What is Zombies, Run? Today's app is Zombies, Run!, a quirky alternative to your ‘normal’ free health and fitness app.
Nearpod logo
What is Nearpod? Nearpod is a fantastic collaboration tool for staff and students, which is available on iOS, Android and
Slack Logo
What is Slack? Today we're looking at Slack — a messaging app that aims to reduce the amount of email
Duolingo App Logo
What is Duolingo? Duolingo is a free language-learning app that works on iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices as well
Lynda.com image, a circle with a woman reading a book in it
What is Lynda.com Lynda.com is a website designed to help you gain new skills in a variety of different subjects.
H5P Logo
What is H5P? Today we’re looking at something new for this year, H5P. H5P is a content creation app available
Blue background with NUS extra written on it
What is NUS Extra? Today's app is NUS Extra, a free lifestyle app to accompany the student discount card, which
a logo banner for Smiling Mind
What is Smiling Mind? Today's app is Smiling Mind, a free mindfulness app for iOS, Android and the web, created
Evernote Logo
What is Evernote? Today we're looking at Evernote, a popular note-taking app available on iOS, Android & the web. The
UoP WhatsUp? image
What is WhatsUp? Today we’re looking at an app for students, and one that’s important for all staff to know