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Computer drawn image of an opened book behind the book there are 5 people. One person directly level with the spine, two people to the left of the m and two people to the right of them. Drawn behind these people are various shapes and colours.
Hey there, fellow exhausted souls! Can you believe it? We're finally coming towards the end of the academic year, and
An opened laptop which is switched on. On the left-hand side is a glass with clear liquid in it next to that is a notepad opened and bent back with a pen laying on it. On the right-hand side of the laptop is a smart phone.
(Co-writer: ChatGPT) This version was generated after feeding in my attempt at writing this blog post and asking ChatGPT to
Image is of a pair of hands in the position of typing on an opened laptops keyboard.
The classic line from Indeep’s 1982 post-disco hit “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” serves as the basis of
image of person holding an open book with a lit lightbulb coming out of the centre of the book
In the digital age, traditional paper-based portfolios have given way to ePortfolios, harnessing a powerful way to showcase a student’s
A generated image of a student seating on a chair at a desk with their hands in a position as if they were typing on a keyboard.
The Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE) is a University of London initiative focusing on research, training, capacity building,
AI generated image of creating an AI podcast
(Co-writer: ChatGPT) There’s no doubt Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have a huge impact on the future of education and assessment. 
A girl sitting down with a book opened turning her head to smile at the robot next to her.
On 22 February I took part in a roundtable debate on the topic “AI and Higher Education: Is it time
Image of Beth leaning over a dummy with an instrument in her hand looking into its mouth.
Hi, I’m Beth. I have just started in the TEL Team within DCQE. I’m based at Mercantile House where I
Image of desk with laptop, headphones and sketch drawing
I’ll start this one off with a disclaimer. I do have an A Level in Art. Please don’t judge me.  
Lady sitting on a chair at a table with a laptop opened with her face in her hands looking worried
Introduction PDFs aren’t something I’d normally spend much time thinking about (I much prefer swimming or learning the guitar in
laptop opened on table showing a zoom call with many facial images appearing. With a cup right next to the laptop
Where misconceptions remain, should we reframe our understanding to ensure we don’t fall into bad habits? I had a very
4 edited photos from Jonny's trip
And so, after a sun-kissed seven days in Sicily, it was time to head home. A nightmare return journey saw

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